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When Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Our professional air duct cleaners at Ames Air Duct Cleaning have completed enough jobs to know that air duct cleaning is a legitimate service needed by homeowners. There are several reasons why a homeowner should get their ducts cleaned and we are going to share those reasons with you below:

After new construction…We contract with a few home builders and we go in just before the final house cleaning and clean the air duct system. This includes all the ceiling and floor supply vents and trunk lines, the cold air return vents and trunk lines and the blower motor compartment.

You would be amazed at what construction subcontractors leave behind. We find large amounts of sheet rock dust, saw dust, wall receptacle cutouts, nails and screws, food wrappers, empty chew cans, etc.

It’s only fair that the contractor pays for the cleaning of the duct system before the home buyer moves in. The last thing a home buyer needs is to pay for air duct cleaning of a newly constructed home.

After remodeling…Like in new construction, remodeling can create a lot of dust and debris build up in the air duct system that needs to be removed once the remodeling work is done. A good thorough cleaning of the entire system will assure that the homeowner will breathe clean, healthy air.

After purchasing an older home…We get many calls to clean the air ducts of older homes in Ames that were just purchased. The new owners want to know that the HVAC system is clean and healthy. The previous owners might have had dogs or cats or were not tidy people. The house could be old and the ducts have never been cleaned. You should ask the previous owner if the air ducts have ever been cleaned and if they have, when was the last time. Typically, air ducts should be cleaned every 10-15 years, depending on the lifestyle.

If you have asthma and/or allergies… Some home owners have multiple pets that shed hair. The hair floats around in the air and eventually finds it’s way into the HVAC venting system. With allergies being the norm these days, pet hair can trigger the allergies. Getting that hair out of the HVACC system will help alleviate the allergies.

Then you have other triggers of allergies such as ragweed, etc. The spring and fall can be miserable for allergy sufferers and every time you open doors and windows those pollens come in the house. They blow around the air in the house thanks to the HVAC system. They make special filters to help with this but filters don’t catch everything.

To remove foul odor… Urbandale Air Duct Cleaning has been called to a number of homes to rid the air duct system of foul odor. Most of the time the duct cleaning results in us finding dead mice or other pest infestations.

Sometimes it is from cigarette smoke. The previous owners may have smoked for several years and I can tell you right now, that is the hardest odor to get rid of in a house. After cleaning the entire air duct system, we will generally run commercial grade ozone machines 4 hours at a time, a couple times a day, for a few days.

What Is The Best Air Duct Cleaning Process? 

While there are a few different ways to clean an air duct system, there are three things that must happen:

1)  You need some type of agitation. By this I mean you need something to break the dust and debris loose from the vents and ducts.

2)  You need some way to “move” the dust and debris.

3)  You need some way to capture the dust and debris.

The guys at Ames Air Duct Cleaning use compressed air with whips to agitate, or break the dust and debris loose from the vents and ducts and to move that dust and debris down to the furnace unit where a “negative air” machine is attached to capture it. A negative air machine is like a big vacuum cleaner.

Some companies use a brush system and that works well for metal vent lines and trunk lines but not so well with flexible vent lines. We have found that the whips with high pressure air works the best for us and it allows us to work with any type of vent or trunk line.

How To Find A Good Air Duct Cleaner

It’s a fact that there are some shady air duct cleaners out there. Here are a few things you might want to consider before choosing an air duct cleaning company:

1.  Don’t be suckered in by the lowest quote. Some companies give you a low quote over the phone and then when they get to your house to do the work they tell you that low price is for cleaning only so much of the system (like so many vents). It you want the entire system cleaned you will need to pay more.

Make sure when you get a quote that it is the TOTAL cost for cleaning the ENTIRE system.

2.  Make sure the air duct cleaning company can provide “proof” of cleaning. At Ames Air Duct Cleaning, we take before and after pictures to show the owner that he/she got what they paid for.

We like it when customers watch us work. That way they can see what we see and they can ask questions. We like explaining our work and customers like watching the whips and cleaning process. Make sure the company you pick allows this.

Make the company Guarantee their work!

Here at Ames Air Duct Cleaning we have a guarantee that states, “If you’re not happy, keep your money” Our guys go into every job with the mindset of doing “5 star” work. They know that if they are well groomed, well mannered, and take care of the customer’s property like it’s their own, they will succeed at making the customer happy.