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Free dryer vent cleaning when you schedule air duct cleaning

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Lint Burns Easily

The thing you need to realize is that lint if very flammable and when it blocks the flow of air from the dryer, lint can get trapped in the back of the dryer, creating a fire hazard.

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Bird nest Can Block The Air Flow

Birds like to nest in dryer vent lines because of the warm are from the dryer. The problem is the nest blocks the air flow and lint builds up behind the nest, causing possible over heating of the dryer and possibly a fire.

Dryer Cleaning

Ames Dryer Vent Cleaning Cleans The Lint Out Of The Dryer 

As an add-on service, our techs can clean the lint out of the dryer as well as the dryer vent line. Failing to do a routine dryer clean can lead to the dryer not operating efficiently and/or could cause a dryer fire! 

We recommend cleaning the lint out of the dryer every couple of years. Call us today to schedule!


Dryer Vent Tube Repair And/Or Replace

DryerFlex is The Only Dryer Hose We Recommend

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If you can’t hook up direct with solid galvanized vent pipe, then DryerFlex is the dryer vent hose Ames Dryer Vent Cleaning recommends. We carry it in our vans and we can replace your faulty dryer hose with our DryerFlex hose to ensure you have the best dryer air flow and are safe from fire. Call today! 


Ames Air Duct Cleaning is an expert when it comes to dryer vent cleaning in the Ames and surrounding area. We are also very good at making transition (dryer vent hose) repairs. We will make sure your dryer is exhausting the dryer air efficiently and safely. We have a special pressure tester that measures the back pressure of the air flow. It tells us if the dryer is venting properly. If the reading is not good, we keep looking until we find the problem.

You can rest assured that Ames Air Duct Cleaning will get the job done right.